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Jawadis MightyBreeze Ventilated Bee Suit

Jawadis ultrabreeze-like full bee suit with sizes up to 10XL! Wow!


Makes a great gift!

Cool down under the sun with this ventilated mightbreeze bee suit. Jawadis MightyBreeze Bee Suit is much cooler than a solid material bee suit Jawadis MightyBreeze bee suit is fully vented for all the breeze to pass through

Jawadis MightyBreeze Bee Suit is Breezy!

The breeze feels great right through the fabric! It also keeps the bees out! Use Jawadis Ventilated Bee Suit year-round! Even in the winter! Wow!

Genuine brass metal ring zippers for torso and ankles. Durability that lasts.

Jawadis MightyBreeze Bee Suit Helps Protect Against Stings  

Although no bee suit is sting proof, wearing attire beneath the Jawadis MightyBreeze Full bee suit will help reduce the sting count drastically. Bee suits protect against wasps such as honeybees and africanized bees and hornets such as  yellow jackets, and hornets.



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Jawadis MightyBreeze Full Bee Suit is available in size large Jawadis MightyBreeze Full Bee Suit is available in size extra-large Jawadis MightyBreeze Full Bee Suit is available in size 2XL Jawadis MightyBreeze Full Bee Suit is available in size 3XL 



Jawadis MightyBreeze Ultrabreeze Full Bee Suit comes with a FREE Carry Case! Woah!



Unzip and remove the veil to wash the body of the bee suit by hand. This will help to avoid catching the veil in the Velcro. The body of the suit/jacket can be machine washed in warm water with gentle cycle. Use of bleach is not recommended. Do not wring by hand. May hang or lay to air dry.

Keep Jawadis MightyBreeze Bee Suit away from smokers as they are hot. Doing so will help to avoid damaging the fabric of the suit (the fabric may melt).