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Best Hive Tool for Beekeeping, Pry Bar - Yellow

Brand: Jawadis USA
Product Code: A1018N004
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Price: $4.98
2 or more $3.99

Beehive tools may be used for

  • loosening hive bodies and frames.
  • removing excess bur comb or propolis (a sticky substance) can be scraped from hive parts.
  • removing a bee sting from the body.
  • Bright yellow painted colored
    • Bee Hive tool
    • Pry bar
    • Hammer
    • Nail puller
    • Push scraper
    • Pull scraper
    • Multi-Purpose Tool

A bright yellow painted colored hive tool will stand out a lot better when dropped.


It is advisable to sharpen the blade of a hive tool when needed. It is difficult to predict the intervals when such would need to be done, but most beekeepers do so at least once a year.

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