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Beekeepers, Pest Control, Garden Beekeeping Gloves

Jawadis genuine leather beekeeping gloves feature white and yellow all leather beekeeping gloves and ventilation gloves just above the wrist for all those hot days with the hives. Thick, quality cowhide leather helps protects against stings, and is soft enough to provide good feel when working through each hive. Each gloves provides a strong elastic seals off the ends of the gloves keeping the bees out while keeping the gloves in place. 

Getting your children involved and enthused with beekeeping is a great opportunity to engage in an activity the whole family can enjoy; a great way to create an interest in a hobby that can be passed onto the next generation and the generation after theirs.

The hand and wrist area of our youth beekeeping gloves and adult beekeepers gloves are made from high quality, flexible cowhide leather. The sleeves are made from a thick, durable canvas, and select models with cotton. The base of the sleeves are secured with elastic to block entry of the bees.

Check out the children's beekeepers gloves, adult pest control beekeepers gloves, and the ventilated gloves. Also available are women's garden gloves that may be used in the garden.

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