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Camouflage Conceal Green Jawadis Adult Fence Veil Beekeeping Suit

Brand: Jawadis USA
Product Code: A1105D001
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Price: $79.95

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Designed for a full day's work in the bee yard, this zipper veil full bee suit offers the admirable features of Jawadis completely unzippable veil and the coveralls that delivers total protection for the beekeeper, pest control, bee pest control, or handling small animals. The suit has a zip on the front torso and ankles for quick and easy access to wear and maximize protection. Additional zip is sewen at the ankle of the suit so you don't have to take your shoes off. What a design!


  • Made of 100% cotton with a veil
  • Quick and easy to wear and ensure the cleanliness of your clothes and protection from stings
  • Zippered for ease of wear on
    • Zip at each wrist
    • Zips at each ankle
  • Elastic bands at the wrists and ankles
  • Elastic loop at each wrist band for thumb
  • Elastic loop attached with each ankle band to cover shoes and security suit leg
  • Camouflage conceal green for nighttime beekeepers, pest control units
  • It May be used for hunting
  • Sized to keep stingers away from the skin
  • Fencing style veil
    • may be unzipped
    • completely removed, or
    • be flipped back (2-way hood zippers)
  • Washable: machine wash suit; handwash veil

14 Pockets

  • 4 pockets on arm sleeves, 2 on each sleeve
  • 4 pockets on chest side with pen holders, 2 on each
  • 2 Pockets on pant pockets
  • 2 pockets on the knee
  • 2 pockets on the backside of the legside

Two pockets on the legs and two on the chest fasten with Velcro. The pockets on both sleeves may be used to carry tools.


Please remember, your preferred size should fit loose to be effective against stings and to fit over your clothing. Please order a suit two sizes larger than your ordinary size. For example, if you wear a size small, order a beekeeping suit sized large.

View Size Chart and How-to Measure Guide for Jawadis Beekeeping Apparel


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Each suit is enclosed in a briefcase-like carrying case.

Jawadis carrying case. Carry your bee suit in style. www.jawadis.us

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